Estimates and Budget Management.

Our estimates are very thorough, covering all potential costs for a job. We are present throughout the job to monitor expenses and avoid any overage. Contact us if you need an estimate for a bid you are working on, we will be glad to help. 

Pre-production and On-Site Management.

We work hard beforehand to organize the job so it goes smoothly, and are present during the shoot to ensure its success. 

Crew Referrals. 

Thanks to our extensive connections throughout the US, we are able to find the best people you need for your shoot, be they stylists, hair and make-up artists, set designers, photo assistants, etc…

Equipment Rental.

ajproductionsny will rent any equipment you may need, from camera to cell phones, and arrange for delivery and storage.  

Travel Arrangements. 

We produce photo shoots throughout the US and abroad and we will take care of everything, from airfare to hotel, including transportation and Custom Carnets. 


ajproductionsny uses organic and environmental-minded suppliers whenever possible. 


Research and Negotiations.

We will find the perfect photographer to shoot your next campaign, and handle the logistics from A to Z.


Casting, Negotiation and Booking.

Our experience ranges from celebrities to fashion models, including actors and children. We have developed close relationships with model and talent agencies, which helps us when negotiating rates and availability. 


Scouting, Permits and Insurance.

ajproductionsny will look for your dream location to match your budget and timing needs. As a part of our services, we carry liability and property damage insurance and will secure any appropriate permits.

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